Global Presence

GSP Foods offers an extensive portfolio of brands to meet their local culinary requirements. Consumer and Customer requirements hold the pulse of the business. The endeavour is to continuously expand and widen the product base to meet the dynamics of a demanding

In the International Market, GSP is fast spreading its wings across countries and the distribution is mainly in the Ethnic Trade, Mainstream and Food Services. The products currently being marketed in the international market is Traditional Basmati, 1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati, Pusa Basmati, Sella Basmati, Thai Jasmine rice and Sunflower Oil.

EUROPE France, Italy, Germany Netherlands
Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom
ASIA & OCEANIA Singapore, India, Thailand
Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand
South Africa
For GSP Foods, consumer is the key and brand strategies,market positioning and communication is aimed at fulfilling the promises made.
GSP Foods operates by a philosophy of global coordination and local execution. The vision is to identify consumer and customer needs and meet them with simple formula of 'Triple Three' that is Trust, Transparency, Timely Deliverables, in persuasion with the organisation philosophy, Communication and feedback is vital to any business. We welcome comments and suggestions. Our objective is to be open to ideas and alternates that helps us and our customer/consumer to grow more.

The multi-pronged customer outreach system is at the heart of the Company's business and the acid test of any product or service through the point of ultimate consumption and the feedback.