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Commitment to Quality

A Commitment to Quality Involving Global Technology.

Milling & Processing - Top Technology at work

Rice produced out of World class state-of-the-art modern computerized plant by internationally acclaimed Buhler which has automatically controlled inflow and outflow system.

The plants installed at GSP have more than 14 tons per hour capacity, which is one of the largest installed capacities. These plants are equipped with most modern Pre-cleaners, De-stoners, Precision-sizers, Graders, Paddy Separators, Dehuskers, etc. Pre-cleaners and Magnets are used at various stages to ward off foreign material.

GSP has state of art in house Laboratory to ensure that each grain is perfect and each process is carried out under the eagle eyes of competent and trained manpower. No effort is spared to ensure that the rice which leaves the company premises is of best quality and fully protected against possible hazards during its journey before it reaches the buyer.

Passion for Food

The largest Indian privately held rice company with state-of-the-art milling technologies certified to meet world-class standards. GSP Foods has always focus on brand awareness which is why the communications strategy is multi pronged to achieve maximum results.

Understanding the consumer demographics and psychographics that enables us to directly connect with the consumer. Regular merchandising campaigns at retail outlets, trade promotions, consumer promotions and sponsorships. Participation in events in national and international trade fairs which play a pivotal role in promoting brand RAJMEHAK and AFEEFA.

The brand has established a reputation for fair trade practices. Quality products, honest pricing and the assurance of customer satisfaction that has been the guiding philosophy to grow the brand.

Over years, GSP Foods (India) Limited has won numerous awards and recognition of not just as an industry leader, but also for its contributions to the country's growth and economic stability.


The Rewards of Excellence GSP Group has over the years earned recognition not just an industry leader, but also for its contribution to the country's growth and economic stability.:

  ISO 22000:2005 certified
  FSMS-HACCP approved
  SGS certificate of registration and IPQC
  FDA approved plant and facilities
  BRC Certification (Under Process)
  Certification to use the ‘Produce of India' logo

Rice Facts

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Rice Consumption Characteristics

Per Capita Consumption Typical Countries Rice as part of the diet Consumer Needs
High Rice Consumption* > 60kg India, China, Thailand, Japan, Bangladesh Rice is a staple food Cook rice from scratch almost on a daily basis
Medium Rice Consumption c. 40kg Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq Rice is an important part of local cuisine Good knowledge of rice cooking
Low Rice Consumption c. 5-10kg USA, EU, Canada, Australia Rice usage is occasional / foreign cuisine Higher need for convenience in rice cooking
* Key rice growing countries